City Clues Family Adventures

Treasure hunts and tours designed for families with children and teens.  These fast paced and fun-filled adventures have families working together to find treasures and treats in San Francisco's colorful neighborhoods. Choose from these scavenger hunts:

City Clues for Groups

is a customized treasure and scavenger hunt to experience San Francisco's history, culture and colorful neighborhoods. You will search for clues, scavenge for unique items and solve puzzles, while having an adventure filled with teambuilding, problem solving, physical challenges, games, food, and prizes. more >>>

Discover San Francisco's Amazing Sights!

Trivia Question Golden Gate Bridge Trivia Question Victorian House Trivia Question Lombard Street Trivia Question Chinatown Trivia Question Coit Tower Trivia Question Transamerica Pyramid Trivia Question Fisherman's Wharf Trivia Question Cable Car Maze

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